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Penis Humiliation

You are not the only one with a tiny penis.

This site is all about men with small penises. You can choose to have penis humiliation because of your shall cock or you can learn to be proud of it and even show it off. So men enjoy being humiliated and let's face it having a tiny penis in an adult male is a very easy target. Women and men both enjoy humiliating men with small cocks. I understand because I have dealt with it all my life. My flaccid penis is under 1" and fully erect runs almost 3" small by any standard. I have even been laughed at by men with small cocks themselves and once had a girl try to prove to me that her steroid enhanced clit was larger than my cock. As it turns out it was too close to call. Personally I now embrace the smallest of my cock and I even show it off wearing tights to the gym, working out in little short shorts and never wearing anything larger than a micro bikini to the beach, this style highlights how small I am. Our site will share stories of other men dealing and thriving with penis humiliation and men who are penis proud no matter the size. I will share hot swimwear styles and other bulge designs including male enhancement styles that make your cock look it's largest for the times you want to fit in along with the newest trend called male to female transformation. These swimsuits, underwear, workout shorts and tights repackage the penis and changes the look to a beautiful vagina. These designs work great on all men but I feel they look their very best on men with small cocks. I will share some of my favorite male chastity sites, cock ring dealers and more. I hope you enjoy the ride.

This entire website is dedicated to men and ladies who are into penis humiliation.

The first few stories will be about my sexual life and how I have dealt with having a penis, sharing my penis, having both men and ladies especially my long time girlfriend inflict penis humiliation on my for there fun and pleasures and how I have grown to enjoy the full spectrum of  humiliation and the sexual gratification

available to men like my self that really are on the cusp between being a man or a ladies. I will share photos of myself and my very penis, of my penis being handled and trained to stay small and of some of my favorite photos from other websites.


This website will take on a free form structure and as I add to it some of my rants might not stay in any particular order but I hope you will find them enjoyable anyway.


Some men find having their photo posted with their very small member exposed is humiliation on its own, they have so much to learn! We will search out and post interesting links about penis humiliation.

What qualifies as a penis? Any penis that is smaller then 1.5 inches soft
and 3.5 inches hard would have to be considered a penis.
My penis in its soft state is about ¾” and has a very small diameter, we know girls,
Body builder types that have larger clits then my penis and have proved it clit to girl cock
and of course it was in front of many people, my girlfriend loves the humiliation I receive

from being compared to ladies, it definitely gets her wet.





Penis humiliation in public


My girlfriend knows that I am uncomfortable being naked in public, places like gym locker rooms, doctors offices, Beaches, spas and so on. We were in Germany a few years ago and unlike the USA, Germany is very open to nudity. This environment could not of been a better breeding ground for opportunities for her to inflict endless penis humiliation on me. I started almost immediately after we arrived. Our hotel had a beautiful spa and some of the men and ladies and kids used it naked other had on swimwear. Of course I did not want to be naked around all these people with such a penis, it seemed like all the German guys penis’s were large even the young ones had much larger penis’s then mine. My girlfriend thought this would be the perfect place for non stop humiliation. She forced me to change out of my clothes and commanded me to not even take a towel and meet her out by the pool to swim for a while. There were a few naked people most men had on suits a few ladies were topless and a few naked. My girlfriend went topless with a tiny thong.

She paraded me around and took some chairs right in the middle of a crowd of younger guys all drinking and having fun. All the talking stopped when I laid down to tan. Everyone was starring at my tiny 1” penis, completely shaved and started making comments in German, when they figured out we were American they got very interested.

They asked my girlfriend if I were here soon and some of them pointed at my penis. The one that spoke excellent English asked why I was not speaking to them, my girlfriend said she did not want me to talk just to tan. Moments latter their wives all came down looked at me and my penis and started chatting and laughing. Total embarrassment, total humiliation once again. One of the guys asked if my girl cock got any bigger and one of the girls after a few drinks came next to me to get a closer look. My girlfriend let them all take pictures of me to show their friends and in front of everyone rub tanning oil all over my body stopping to pay special attention to my penis getting it very hard, it grow to a pathetic 1 ½” fully erect size which seemed to make everyone even happier. More photos were snapped, then she made me get up and go for a swim to cool off. Nothing like hundred people in another country all looking at you at the same time. She loves me to feel that kind of intense humiliation, at least she didn’t offer all the guys to play with me, she did get a little more humiliation in around the pool. After I got out of the pool with my penis virtually microscopic and pointing that out to all her new friends she had me lay on my stomach and showed everyone how tasty and completely waxed my hole was by spreading my ass cheeks and oiling them up the Germans loved it.







Penis humiliation, being passed around like a sex slave


I am a straight male, maybe a better description would be a straight slave.

That being said my girlfriend loves to share my penis with her friends and forces me

to have sex with men and ladies who seem to get a big turn on over playing with a poor slaves penis. I have been bound up at our local bondage club and my girlfriend had one man after another play, suck, stroke, photograph, spank, milk and finger me in front of crowds of people at the bondage party until I was in tears, my humiliation seemed to increase the sexual intensity of the party. My penis is to small for anal sex and not much good for vaginal sex though many ladies want to try and see what such a small girl cock feels like. It’s amazing how many men and ladies get tremendous enjoyment and pleasure from something so tiny and it’s more then the novelty because many of them I have sex with often, of course a large part of their pleasure comes from degrading me in front of one another and the pleasure they derive from my utter humiliation.

I am not lacking in ass size and it is treated as a sex object for men and ladies, My girlfriend and her friends strap on dildos and bang me over and over again referring to my hole as a man pussy. She has had me submit to many men for anal sex both gay and many straight guys, and makes sure as they are doing me that they treat my penis with the humiliation it deserves just for being small. She loves when straight guys have penetrated me and she tells them to play with my penis as if it was a clit, telling them to rub it and stimulate it as they would a vagina. When I am ready to cum they squeeze me hard inflicting pain on my tiny girl cock and preventing me from orgasms, this is not only humiliation but its cruel too.




Penis humiliation, it started when I was in high school!

A lot of people ask me how I handled public school, using the gym, taking showers and being around all the guys. I can tell you that in middle school my penis was barely larger then a small vagina and the humiliation was almost tragic. Once middle school started we had to take showers after gym, this was something that I had a tremendous fear about doing before I started. I new from seeing my friends that my penis was very tiny but I did not want to been seen in the showers with the other guys, I knew they would make fun of me and it would be non stop humiliation. To no surprise the humiliation started from day one. My first time in the gym shower a large older boy came up to me and said some mean things about how small I was bringing tears to my eyes then he came closer and pinched my penis in his hands and left me crying and humiliated. A number of other boys saw this happen and thought it would be fun to torment me. Boys would come by when I was in the shower and grab me and slap my penis, I was pushed out of the locker room naked on many occasions in front of guys and girls (it’s not all sad, my first girlfriend saw me pushed out naked and liked what she saw and felt sorry for me, but that’s another future story) Rumors quickly spread around the entire school, we had over 2000 kids and from that time on I was always know as the boy with the penis. I did not have body hair like the other guys and almost no pubic hair around my penis. I was always teased that maybe I was really a girl and that I didn’t belong in the boy’s locker room.



Penis humiliation, being made to shower with the real men



Penis humiliation, one of the girls.

One of my girlfriend biggest turn on is treating me like one of the girls The fact is since I am so tiny and I have been through so much penis humiliation most of my life I find that ladies in general are much more sympathetic and at ease with me, most likely not like a real man but at some level much more like another girl and I to feel a kinship with many of my girlfriend friends even though I have had sex with most of them it has seemed something more akin to Lesbian sex. When I am with them I am more at ease with my body and thou I still hear the penis humiliation jokes and your penis is smaller then my pussy it’s almost always in fun with just a little teasing, most of the ladies are not nasty and abusive like the men are to me, with the exception of a few bitches that just love to torture my penis. When I am with the girls I do feel more like a girl then a man and that is how I am treated around them. We change in front of each other, they take me shopping, we all massage each other but again they treat me like a girl and it does not bother the husbands of the one’s that are married, there is no threat from me, the husband have seen my penis and many how had sex with me, they do see me as a ladies and in that respect knowing that I get to play with their wives and I know all the girl secrets makes me feel better about all the penis humiliation I receive from these so called real men. My girlfriend thinks it’s great to make me shower everyday at the gym just for the humiliation I receive showering in front of normal and larger guys that are just plain hung. I am completely shaved which at this time you see a lot more shaved guys in the shower. But between being shaved and being tiny I still get every guy in the shower checking me out. My girlfriend is friends with many of the bodybuilders and she is always having one take a shower with me. These guys love touching my penis, it must be sport to them but some really get into it, soaping me down and stroking it right there in front of other men. Every guy in the gym stares at me and I’m sure almost every girl has heard about the guy with the micro penis and what happens in the men’s locker room.


Penis humiliation and the abuse a penis must endure

I can’t tell you how many times I have cried myself to sleep. It’s not my fault that me penis is so small and that I should be abused and molested in so many ways and it’s been happening for so long. The guys in Middle school and High school, my college days, my life in general has some amount of penis humiliation built into to every day.


Neat Penis Humiliation trick.

My girlfriend pushes my tiny shaft and balls inside of me and sculptures a vagina
out of it with the tip of my penis head as the clit. She has shown this neat little humiliation trick to hundreds of people. Every time she makes a new friend no matter how mad I get she strips me down and does the man pussy thing to me. I feel this is the most humiliating things she does to me but its also amazing that she makes my penis look exactly like a pussy. I know when she reads this she will make me post some photos and maybe a video.



Penis humiliation and the hidden sexual pleasures



My girlfriend loves to force me to use the penis stretcher as a form of humiliation. She has me use it in front of her friends male and female and lets them control how much force is put on my penis. They take pictures using their phones and send them to their friends and to my humiliation I have seen photos of me with the penis stretcher on, my small penis being stretched as my girlfriend ass fucks me with a large strap on and the real men and other women enjoy my humiliation, sometimes they ask to fuck me with the strap on and the answer is usually yes, even her guy friends will throw on a rubber and

Do me, knowing I am straight turns them on completely on sometimes for added humiliation they cum all over my back, in my face and a number of times in me. Once my girlfriend let a guy fuck me at a party told him to cum in me then had a group of people watch me as I squatted over a dish and had his load run out of me. Can you even think of a bitch that can inflict more penis humiliation then she does!




Penis humiliation sizes

The clock shows 12 am and you know the night is still young. You’ve just down your fifth can of beer and all your inhibitions are pretty much washed away. Amidst high voltage beat of club music and remaining bits of sandwiches and hotdogs on the party table, you make your move. Not to the mouth-watering pineapple and cakes but something juicier across the verandah - a gay guy in the house, dressed in a pair of tight blue Levi’s jeans and a black body hugging outfit so thin you could practically see his nipples and bulging muscles imprinted. A young hot sexy gay whose name you couldn’t care much about but would gladly tear his asshole apart and to hear his cries like a wolf in a full moon night. You walked over and put up your best impression and search for common affection. You got his attention and he digs your intention to have a carefree mind blowing ride all night long. In search for a sex place, you both settle in the toilet, closed the door and start smooching. He bends over, grabbing the sink anticipating the rough shove that you’ve promised to deliver but it never came. Then his words hit so hard you thought you were run over by a truck doing 160 mph on the freeway. “ C’mon f*ck harder!!”, he yelped and turned to find out what’s the matter. “Oh my god! You have a penis humiliation! I can’t even feel you.” That’s it! Your fantasy just turned into a nightmare. Your supposedly fun-filled night ended prematurely. The hot dude left the party and you follow suit feeling the lowest and the smallest in your life. You vowed never again to attempt something like that. Your esteem is crushed. Yes you’ve heard the hurtful words. Admit it, you are just having a penis humiliation!

Before you go thinking you are going to lead a sexless life or you are better off chopping your miserable penis humiliation and do away with a vagina and take a 180 degree turn to join your cousin counterpart being a lesbian (hey it’s still gay anyway) let’s look things at the brighter side. If it makes you feeling any better, there are actually 45% male population around the world who are dissatisfied with their penile length. Feeling not so alone now? A non-erected penis averages around 3 to 4 inches, whereas an erected one ranges from 5.5 to 7 inches with a circumference of 4.7 to 5.1 inches on average. Very little penile growth occurs from 5 years of age till the onset of puberty, whereas an adult dick size should be reached in 5 years from puberty period. So if you are at least 17 years of age now, that is about the size you can get naturally so far. The clinical term for a penis humiliation is penis humiliation and the medical term for such disease is named Tiny Penis Syndrome (TPS). However, do not worry just yet. TPS is a rare disease. If your dick is small it does not mean you have TPS. As long as your penis is not shorter than 2 inches (non-erected) or less than 4 inches (erected), you shouldn’t be worried that it is too small. So go right on, take a ruler and measure the length our little friend down there now. If it does not match the criteria listed above, then your brother probably does not fit in the penis humiliation category after all – well at least technically.

Don’t go feeling so ashamed and useless thinking that the flaccid inflated-balloon likes thing hanging limpidly between your thighs is good for nothing other than peeing. Heck even you think your saggy balls overshadows their little neighbor. Heck it does not even qualified being called a cock. Fret not; in reality there are some gay men who like them to be penis . Yea you heard it right. Just like there are some Caucasian men who like Asians with small chest, there are those who think penis humiliations are cute. Check out under the penis humiliation for gays group for starters. There is a whole community out there for gay men with penis humiliation.

The starting story might be a nightmare for any gay men inferior about the size of their wee. Yes indeed, but the truth is, the story is a little exaggerated. Do not be put off from looking a partner or a random sex partner in a gay sex party. You do not always have to be the one with the phone and camera acting director only to re-watch them in solitude while doing self-pleasing. Go ahead and look for someone who also has a matching dick size. Try hitting someone with smaller built, chances are, the other part of their anatomy is small too. Try Asian. Researches show that they have smaller penis size compared to Caucasian or blacks. Some think penis humiliations are cute. Some will thank you for not tearing their tight asses apart literally. Some look past the size because bigger does not necessary mean better and they do not call love is blind for nothing. After all there is nothing wrong as long as your penis  friend is in the pink. Erection? Producing cum? Fully functioning for the whole intercourse? Disease free? If you are still skeptical, let the experts reassure you that your sexy buddy is working fine. As long as you are not facing impotence or erectile dysfunction and have a perfectly healthy looking dick with at least 4 inches long erected, then you are as strong as a horny mustang! So do not be afraid and ashamed. There are rooms for every gay man no matter how small they are. Go right on and find a partner who accepts you for who you are. Take a positive outlook as Jason Mraz sings it “Oh I’m looking on the bright side and balancing the whole thing…” Tiny dick you say? Nah, No biggie.