Penis Humiliation can happen to men of any age and any penis size though it tends to happen more often to younger men and men with small to extremely small penis sizes. Penis Humiliation takes form many different ways. Sometimes it is mean spirited like the teasing that happens in a men’s or boys locker room. This is often cruel Penis Humiliation and it is a form of abuse. We cannot help that we were born with a small penis and to be teased about it, beat up over it and humiliated in front of other men, women, boys and girls is just completely wrong. That said it happens too many of us when we are young and in my case it still happens to me almost every time I take a shower or change at the gym. Guys that don’t even know me have something to say about my penis. It is extremely small, well under one inch but that is not my fault. I can’t tell you how many times other guys tell me I am in the wrong locker room. Or when you see them with their girlfriends they point me out and laugh. On the opposite side of this are men who crave Penis Humiliation. They want a woman or a man to tease them and often cage their little cock, some have ladies step on their cocks with heels and I have even seen men who are into having their cocks punched and tortured in other ways all in the name of Penis Humiliation. As bad as that all sounds to many folks these people are into that as a fetish or a lifestyle and I believe that is fine. If we could just get rid of the first type of Humiliation that would be a great start.

Clean and Simple.

Penis Humiliation